The Tree Work Warwick

Services We Provide

We offer tree felling which is to cut the tree right to the ground which can sometimes be done in one drop if there is enough room to do so.

We also provide section felling which involves the tree being cut down in sections and dropped or lowered to the ground. Reduction this is to make the tree smaller and making the crown more aesthetically pleasing. Pruning is a very common term for giving a tree or shrub a satisfactory and balanced crown. It is best to prune fruit trees in the dormant season once the tree has dropped its leaves.

Stumps depending on the size of the stump and the access they can either be taken out with a stump grinder or if not to large dug out. We also have access to winching them out with a heavy duty hand winch or if the stump is very large we have a large logging lorry that will pull out the biggest of trees.

Hedges can also be trimmed or cut down and the stumps removed (big or small).

We also do garden clearances and removal of all the rubbish. Fencing is one of our other lines of work we offer a choice of close boarding, over lap panels, picket or post and rail.

For more information, give us a call now on 01926 856478 or view the Enquiry Page to send us an email.